On July 10, 2020, Masterise Homes officially handed out the Pink Books to the owners of Masteri An Phu apartments, ensuring the full legal ownership for the proprietors.
Masteri An Phu, located at 179 Hanoi Highway in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, is just one of Masterise Homes’ high-end apartment projects.  When it was first launched, the residential project made a huge splash in the market, quickly selling 100% of the units.
At the beginning of 2019, Masteri An Phu completed construction and officially handed over all apartments to residents. Now, after only one year from handover, Masteri An Phu’s residents have received their Certificate of Land Use Right and Ownership of House and Other Assets on the Land (otherwise known as the Pink Book).
Mr. Quoc Binh, one of the first residents to receive his Pink Book said: “Masterise Homes is well-known in the market as a reputable developer, especially for their commitment to excellence in project quality and services. They take their responsibilities to their customers seriously. This is why my wife and I chose to buy at Masteri An Phu. Receiving the Pink Book today, I am both extremely happy and assured that I put my faith in the right place.”

Mr. Jason TurnBull, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Masterise Homes hands the Pink Book to a Masteri An Phu resident

Masterise Homes not only has a reputation for fulfilling all its commitments and responsibilities to their customers, the company also is recognized for their meaningful activities related to promoting social engagement and health.
“The Master of Festivals” is an event that welcomes new residents and helps strengthen connections within the community. The event has been successfully launched at both Masteri Thao Dien and M-One South Saigon, and will soon be held at Masteri An Phu and the other residential properties.
As well, with five successful and memorable seasons, “The Master of Symphony” has become the most awaited annual music event in Vietnam. It is by far the number-one benchmark for customer appreciation, as it was created as a profound gift of gratitude from Masterise Homes to its customers.

One of the company’s most important mission statements is to “create a civilized community.” Masterise Homes actively cooperates with the property management teams to organize exciting events and activities on special occasions such as the Full Moon Festival and on Christmas to both spread joy and positive engagement throughout its neighborhoods.
Masterise Homes has, at its core, a business philosophy of “customer-centricity.” The company is committed to excellence, not only in terms of transparency and providing legal documents for its homeowners, but also in building extraordinary living environments. Masterise Homes will continuously improve upon its projects’ quality by working with its world-class partners and ensuring the ultimate experience for all customers.

Source: Masterise Homes

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